Specialist Support for Casting Directors

We are a team of experts with more than 100-years of combined experience working in Information Technology. In addition to this, we have  a unique understanding of the entertainment business. Knowing and understandig the challenges faced by Casting Directors gives us a unique insight enabling us to  act quickly and respond to enquires immediately.  More than ever we are working in a global marketplace with an increased number of international calls every day. SPA can provide your company with a telphone presence or ‘Virtual Office’ in most major cities around the world,thus encouraging more calls to you whilst at the same time reducing your call costs to producers in the USA, Canada, Australia or wherever they may be.

We understand your needs because we have worked in these areas for more than 10-years.

Our customers include CDG & PMA members

Apple Experts

iMac, Powermac, Minimac, iPad & iPhone support

Reduce international call charges

We can provide you with a local number in most major cities around the world, ensuring you can contact your colleagues and can be contacted all for the cost of a local call.

Electronic Signing of Documents

Learn how to issue CAN’s, Contracts, NDA’s and all other documents securely and electronically to ensure a rapid turnaround.

Moving Office?

Are you moving office or work from home or multiple offices? We can provide you with a Landline number in London or any other city (or port your existing number) to ensure you have total number portability and can answer your phone anywhere.

Computer Networking

Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Cloud Access & Virtual Private Networks (VPN) experience.

Video Editing

Video editing skills using an array of software to assist in Self-Taping. Video compression to reduce those large video files without compromising quality.

Microsoft Experts

Skilled in MS Windows since Windows 3.11 (before Windows 95!)

Web Design

We can design or re-design your website to ensure it is responsive (works on mobiles & tablets).